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TITANIC liest und feiert STALIN // Große Georgien-Orgie mit: Fischer, Gaitzsch, Hürtgen, Irmschler, Lichter, Riegel, Schmidt, Wolff, Werner // An der Stalin-Orgel: Oliver Maria Schmitt

The Great Plan for the Transformation of Nature was proposed by Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union in the second half of the 1940s, for land development, agricultural practices and water projects to improve agriculture in the nation.

A network of irrigation canals was built in the steppe belt of the southern Soviet Union, and in the deserts of Central Asia.

The government launched a number of extensive projects in land improvement, hydroengineering for water control, irrigation and power, and in supporting areas. Planned to be carried out until 1965, the projects were mostly abandoned after the death of Stalin.

The project diverted the rivers that fed into the Aral Sea, thus contributing to its disappearance. | Verwendung weltweit, Keine Weitergabe an Wiederverkäufer.
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